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FOL Board of Directors

Donna Harris - President (term expires February 2016)

Carrye Franzel -- Vice President (term expires February 2015)

Linda Quintero -- Treasurer (term expires February 2015)

Sandy Gibson - Secretary (term expires February 2014)

Brenda Holland - Director of Committees (term expires February 2016)


Committee Chairs


Art Display--Marlene Skaggs/Marian Green

Book and Author Luncheon-Marykaye Morgan/Marty Chrisman

Bus Trips-Joan Kuefner/Linda Quintero

Butterfly Garden-Charlotte Trussell/Bev Lemes

Electronic Communication-Debbie Neubauer

Grant Writing-Donna Harris

Great Decisions-Judith Martin

Membership--Debbie Neubauer

Member Outreach--Karen Walker

One Book/One Community-Tammy Anderson

S.T.A.G.E.-Linda Quintero

Veterans Day--Steve Stevenson