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Purpose. The Friends of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library requires board members, committee members, and all other members to observe high standards of professional and personal ethics in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. As representatives of the organization, we must practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations for 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations.

Section 1. It is the responsibility of all FOL members to comply with appropriate laws and regulations for nonprofit organizations and to report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Whistle Blower Policy.

Section 2. If any individual reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity of the FOL is in violation of 501(c) 3 laws or regulations, a written complaint must be filed with the FOL President (or President-Elect, if the President is identified in the complaint). Violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by the complainant or may be submitted anonymously, although anonymous reports may delay thorough investigation of the suspected violation. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation. Anyone filing a complaint must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates there is a violation.

Section 3. The FOL will not retaliate, harass, or take any adverse action against an individual who, in good faith, has made a protest or raised a complaint against an FOL member, some practice of the FOL or of another individual or entity with whom the FOL has a business or professional relationship.

Section 4. The FOL Board will appoint a disinterested person or committee to investigate the complaint or allegation. This person or committee will notify the complainant of the investigation and will acknowledge receipt of the reported violation or suspected violation within five (5) business days. All reports will be promptly investigated and appropriate corrective action will be taken by the FOL Board if warranted by the investigation.

Version 1.1 March 2, 2009